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Don't get frustrated - get Microsoft Word Help!

Are you exasperated with the new ribbon interface? Get Microsoft Word help for versions 2007 and 2010 here at Sue's Word Tips where you can discover how to use the new features and grow from beginner to power user...!

The Ribbon

The Word 2007 Ribbon Interface

What are the docx and docm file extension or the parts of MS Word? How do you use the ribbon, create styles, format your documents, or convert to PDF?

Find answers here!

Sue HuckleHi. I'm Sue Huckle, a freelance technical writer. I started using Microsoft Word in 1994—with version 6.0. I have to admit, even though I consider myself a power user, I felt lost the first time I opened version 2007!

Thankfully, I was not under pressure to figure it out in an hour to complete a document project...but if that is why you are here, then you need to find Microsoft Word help fast!

If you don't know where to start, here are some of my most popular tutorials and articles:

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Docm files

Upgrade Word 2003?
Open docx files

Using the Ribbon

Styles basics
Where is help?

How to update?

Get technical support

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Make Microsoft Word Work for You!

People often say, "I HATE Word!" because they cannot make it do what they want it to do.

The mini-toolbar

The Mini-toolbar: Now document formatting options are right at your finger-tips!

No matter if you are a beginner or advanced user, a student or a professional writer, I want to help you discover how to use the powerful new features, timesavers, and shortcuts in versions 2007-2010 so you can be more productive.

Once you know how to make it work for YOU,
I think you will enjoy using Microsoft Word!

Get Started now with these Tutorials!:

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