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Word Tips Express
Go Retro with the Word 2007 Quick Access Toolbar
Word Tips Express #2

December 29, 2009

Word Tips Express
Volume 1, Issue 2
December 2009 Issue

Happy New Year from Word Tips! I hope you have a happy holiday with family and friends as we ring in the new year and a new decade. May we all prosper in 2010 and beyond!

Turning back hands on clockIn this month's featured tutorial, we turn back the clock and replicate a toolbar found in older versions of Microsoft Word.

In this Issue:

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Have a safe and fun holiday!


New on

Newest additions:

  • Microsoft Word 2007 Q & A - Sometimes you just can't seem to find the answer to a nagging problem with Word 2007. Submit your question, and I'll answer it online on your very own page! Go there now...
  • Microsoft Windows 7...Is Word 2007 Compatible? - Microsoft Windows 7 is here! Will Word 2007 work with the new operating system? Read about compatibility issues. Go there now...

Word 2007 Shortcuts:

Copy and Paste Formatting

This is the keyboard shortcut for the Format Painter, which is found in the ribbon on the Home tab.

To copy text formatting only, highlight the text you want to copy, then press CTRL + Shift + C. To paste the formatting, highlight the new text, then press CTRL + Shift + V.


PerfectIt! by Intelligent EditingPerfectIt
by Intelligent Editing

Save hours proofreading Microsoft Word documents for errors in consistency, such as hyphenation, heading styles, spelling, capitalization, and more.

PerfectIt is easy to use! It installs in Word 2007 and is accessible from the ribbon on the Add-ins tab.

Download the free trial and try it for yourself!

(If the above URL is not a link, copy-and-paste the entire URL into your Web browser.)

Featured Tutorial:

Go Retro with the Quick Access Toolbar

If you miss the formatting toolbar from Micrsoft Word 2003, then check out this Quick Access Toolbar tutorial!

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