About Me

Sue HuckleHi. I’m Sue Huckle, a freelance technical writer and blogger.

I started using Microsoft Word in 1994—with version 6.0. I seemed to have a knack for it from the first time I used it.

It wasn’t long before friends and family were calling me for help with their Word documents and well as their other computer problems.

Even though I consider myself a power user, I felt lost the first time I opened Microsoft Word 2007! It was a whole new program.

Thankfully, I was not under pressure to figure out how to use the Ribbon in an hour to complete a document project…!

More and more programs are copying the ribbon interface so users aren’t as shocked as they were a few years ago. But there will always be people who aren’t Microsoft Word power users and need help. So that’s why I wrote Word-Tips.com.

This website is dedicated to version 2007 and beyond, for beginner to intermediate users.

I hope my tips and tutorials help you complete your personal and business projects! If you have a suggestion for new tips or tutorials, feel free to contact me.

For more about my writing services, please visit me at SueHuckle.com.

Thanks for visiting!
Sue Huckle
Freelance Technical Writer