How to Access Auto Summarize in Microsoft Word 2007

Can’t figure out how to access auto summarize in Microsoft Word 2007? That’s because it wasn’t included on the ribbon.

But don’t get discouraged…this tutorial shows you how to access and use the tool, and tips for best results. Unfortunately, this only works in Word 2007; the tool has been completely removed in Word 2010.


How to Keep from Losing the AutoSummary Tool when you Upgrade to Word 2010

If you use auto summarize on a regular basis, you will lose the tool if you upgrade unless you install Word 2010 alongside your old version.

See my Microsoft 2010 installation instructions to learn how to run two versions of Office on the same computer.

What is auto summarizing?

The AutoSummary tool scans the Word document, determines the key points, then automatically creates an executive summary or abstract for you.

Under most circumstances, it is best to write your own executive summary or abstract, but in a pinch, having a way to do it automatically comes in handy. But always remember to review the summary for accuracy and completeness especially if you are writing a paper for school.

Accessing the AutoSummary Tool

The AutoSummary feature is not available on the ribbon in Word 2007, but you can add it to the Quick Access Toolbar by following these steps:

  1. Open an existing Word 2007 document or a new Word file.
  2. Click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar button.
    The Customize Quick Access Toolbar button
  3. Select More Commands.
    Selecting 'More Commands'
  4. On the left menu, select Customize.
  5. From the Choose Commands From drop down menu, select All Commands.
    Selecting 'All Commands'
  6. In the alphabetical list, highlight Auto Summary Tools, then click Add.
    Selecting 'Add AutoSummary Tools'
  7. Click OK.

Adding a summary to your document

To automatically add an executive summary or abstract to your report, just click the AutoSummary Tools icon on the Quick Access toolbar, then select whichever tool you need.

AustoSummary Tools option on the QuickAccess bar

The AutoSummary tool may have difficulty recognizing the key points in a poorly organized document.

For best results, always write your document from a well-constructed outline. Using the built-in styles for headings and subheadings also helps Microsoft Word create a more accurate summary.