How to Use the Calendar Wizard

Create a Microsoft Word calendar the easy way!

Users of previous versions of Microsoft Word may prefer to use the familiar calendar wizard instead of selecting and modifying a template. The wizard is still available in Word 2007, and 2010. If you want to use a calendar wizard in 2013, try Greg Maxey’s Calendar Maker add-in.

The wizard allows you to select one of three designs, the page orientation, and whether to allow room for a 7.5″ x 3.5″ picture.

I think the designs are a bit outdated, but the advantage to using the wizard is that you can select any month(s) of any year. So if you want to build calendars for the next 100 years, you can do it with a few clicks!

Creating a basic Microsoft Word calendar

What you need to complete this tutorial:

  • Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010
  • Heavy (minimum 32 lb.) presentation paper such as Hewlett-Packard Presentation paper or HammerMill Laser Gloss paper
  • Laser or inkjet printer

Open Microsoft Word then follow these steps:

  1. In Word 2007, click the Office button, or in Word 2010, click the File tab.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the template list, click Calendars.
  4. Choose Other Calendars.
    Selecting 'Other Calendars'
  5. Select Calendar Wizard from the list.
    Selecting the Wizard
  6. Click Download. (If a message appears asking for permission to authenticate your copy of Microsoft Word, click Yes.)

The wizard opens immediately so you can build your calendar.

Note: I personally never select “Allow Room for a Picture” because a clipart picture is inserted into each page of the document. If you want room for a picture but don’t want to use the ugly default image, go through each page, click on the picture, press Delete, then insert your own images.

Press Ctrl+S to save your calendar. It is now ready to print, or go to Part 2: Adding Color and Photos to your Word Calendar.


  1. Jude Terhall says

    When I used the Calendar Wizard in Word 2010 to create Jan-March 2015, I got a compatibility message that some formatting may be changed….
    When I saved the calendar, the month of January disappeared and a blank page inserted at the end after March’s position.

    Have you seen this and is there a workaround? I prefer the format of the Calendar Wizard.


    • says

      Hi Jude:

      You are right, I was able to reproduce the problem.

      Here is a workaround:

      When saving the new calendar, click Save As. Fill out the document name, save as docx, then select “Maintain compatibility with previous versions of Word” which is located below the Save as type section. Then click OK.

      That should fix the problem.

  2. H Jefferson says

    Program no longer will provide Calendar Wizard from the “OPEN” menu: one of the most basic of all features. Been using this program from back to WP 5.1. No idea why the program will no longer provide the Calendar Wizard. This is more and more justification to move to one of the clone Word Processing programs and an Apple/MAC computer system.

    • says

      You’re right, it has been completely removed from Word 2013. I really don’t know why they discontinued the wizard except they have online templates you can use instead, but I don’t see any plain calendars. When opening a new document, search for “any year calendar” to see the choices. I still like the Calendar Wizard best because it is a basic calendar without extra stuff that takes up space on the page.

      If you still want to use a tool within Word, I recommend trying out Greg Maxey’s Calendar Maker add-in. Make sure to follow his link to the instructions for how to install it.