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This disclosure statement explains my relationship to my advertisers and how I receive compensation. is an informational website provided as a service to my readers. I write all of the content for Word Tips without compensation.

Note: I am not affiliated with or an employee of Microsoft Corporation. I paid full purchase price for Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, and 2013 and write content for based on personal use of the software. I do not receive compensation of any kind from Microsoft for the contents of this website, nor do I ever anticipate receiving compensation from Microsoft.

Occasionally, I receive free products to test. If I like the product, I may choose to write a review for the benefit of my readers. If this is the case, I disclose that I received the product for free. I may also join the manufacturer’s affiliate program and offer the product for sale along with the review, in which case the affiliate links are marked as sponsored links. I do not write reviews for the purpose of receiving payment.

In addition, I may receive compensation from the following source(s):

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising. I may receive a small commission when you click a link.
  • Affiliate Advertising. I may receive a commission when you follow a link or banner ad then purchase a product from the merchant.

These commissions help defray the operating costs of this website so I can continue to provide information free-of-charge to you, my visitors.

I personally use or have used many of the products advertised on my site. However, many ads are served by 3rd party ad networks. I cannot monitor every ad that is served by these networks.

If you see an ad that is offensive, have a complaint about fraudulent business practices by any of my advertisers, or if you have questions or concerns about my advertising policies, please contact me immediately.

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Sue Huckle
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