5 Steps for Avoiding Microsoft Word Formatting Mishaps

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It never fails… you're up against a deadline, you make some tweaks to your margins, then suddenly your Word document layout goes berserk. The worst part? It may take hours to fix it and you only have a few hours before the report is due. Many Microsoft Word formatting mishaps can be avoided. Or at least you can reduce how often they happen by planning ahead. Planning … [Read more...]

How to Create Custom Word Styles

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Are you tired of the the default Microsoft Word formatting? Creating custom Word styles puts YOU in the driver's seat when formatting your documents. In this tutorial, I show you several ways to create your own custom styles and apply them to text. If you don't know what styles are, or have never used them before, start with the Microsoft Word Styles Basics tutorial then … [Read more...]

How to Access Auto Summarize in Microsoft Word 2007


Can’t figure out how to access auto summarize in Microsoft Word 2007? That's because it wasn't included on the ribbon. But don’t get discouraged…this tutorial shows you how to access and use the tool, and tips for best results. Unfortunately, this only works in Word 2007; the tool has been completely removed in Word 2010. How to Keep from Losing the AutoSummary Tool … [Read more...]

Setting Default Font Formatting


I have a problem with trying to set a default font. I change the font style, check yes for making it the default font, but it won't keep it. I had the same problem with the default paragraph format and had to use the Mr. Fixit program which seems to have worked. Is there a Mr. Fixit for font styles? -- Submitted by JT ANSWER: For some reason, there is not a … [Read more...]

Modify Styles to Start on a New Page


How do you modify a Microsoft Word style so it always starts on a new page? This is a very common formatting technique especially for chapter titles in books. In this tutorial we are going to make Heading 1 always start on a new page. To follow along, create a sample document with two or three instances of Heading 1 each followed by a few paragraphs of text. Modifying … [Read more...]