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Editing Microsoft Word 2000 Forms
in Word 2007

by Becky Matthews
(Raleigh, NC, USA)

How do I edit a Microsoft Word 2000 document that was created as a form and then converted to a 2007 document? When I open the document in Word 2007 I can't make any changes.


The editing controls for Microsoft Word forms are not shown in the ribbon by default, so you have to activate the Developer tab to use them.

To show the Developer tab, do the following:

  1. Click the Office Button.
    The Office Button
  2. Click Word Options.
    The Word Options button
  3. On the Popular tab, select Show Developer tab in the Ribbon.
  4. Click OK.

The Developer tab gives you access to the 2007 form controls, legacy controls (Word 2003), document protection, macro recording controls, xml editing, and template editing.

You use the Control and Protect groups for building and editing forms.

To create or edit the form fields, click Design Mode. This is a toggle switch, so when you are finished working with the form fields, click it again to turn off Design Mode.

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Editing Microsoft Word 2000 Forms in Word 2007

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Suggested help on forms
by: Becky

Thank you for your help on my question. Unfortunately it still will not allow me to make changes to the document. Do you think it is because I went from 2000 to 2007 and not 2003 to 2007?

How to Edit a Form
by: Word-Tips

Hi Becky...try this:

In the Protection group, click Document Protection. A panel will open on the right. Scroll to the bottom and click Stop Protection. Enter the password for the document, then click OK.

Now, in the Controls group, click Design Mode.

These steps should allow you to edit the form and the form controls.


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