Held Down Right Shift too Long?

I held right shift down too long. I thought I pressed cancel, but now Control plus S no longer is a shortcut for Save, and I can’t edit in the cells of a Microsoft Word table – all is highlighted blue.

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ANSWER: Even though this occurred when you were using Word, it is actually a Windows issue, not a problem with Microsoft Word 2007… I think you may have activated one of the Accessibility Options in Windows called StickyKeys.

To activate StickyKeys, press Shift, 5 times in a row.

StickyKeys let you use the Ctrl, Shift, Alt and Windows keys for keyboard shortcuts one key at a time instead of having to hold down two or three keys at once.

If StickyKeys are activated and you click the modifier key twice (Alt, Ctrl, Shift, or Windows logo), it locks the key.

To deactivate StickyKeys, press Shift, 5 times, then click Cancel. You can also deactivate the keyboard shortcut so this doesn’t happen again.

To deactivate the keyboard shortcut, follow these steps:

  1. Press Shift 5 times.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. On the Keyboard tab, under StickyKeys, click Settings.
  4. Deselect Use Shortcut.
  5. Click OK.


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by: Anonymous

This is helpful for another time, but the problem actually turned out to be Word ‘freezing up’ and so had disappeared next time I booted up. Bizarrely, before I did so, Word still appeared to work but keyboard shortcuts such as control plus S for save gave me ‘change style’ instead!

Glad you solved your problem!
by: Sue

I’m glad you were able to solve your problem with rebooting! I always reboot if something weird is going on unless I suspect a virus is the culprit. (Then I scan and clean before rebooting.)

by: Anonymous

I have the professor teaches for office 2007 including excel access word ect. I can not type in text or letters. I get one letter and then can not type another thing. Does anyone have a solution for me. HELP! My key board works fine, just not in the professor teaches. thanks

Professor Teaches not Working
by: Sue

You should contact the software manufacturer about the problem you are having with their software.

Some of the teaching programs have an interface that looks exactly like the software it is teaching, but you are not actually using the real software. (In other words, the problem most likely has nothing to do with Microsoft Word.) There should be a technical support phone number or email address in your software documentation or go to the manufacturer’s website and look for the support link.