Where is Help About Microsoft Word?

Now that the Help menu is gone, where do you find help About Microsoft Word in Word 2007? You know, that handy little item that tells you what Microsoft Word version you have installed, who it is licensed to, and your Product ID number?

It takes a little digging and quite a few extra clicks to find it in Word 2007.

Finding help “About Word”

This former help menu item has been moved to the Resources area in Word 2007, which is located on the Word Options menu. Here is how to find it:

  1. Click the Office Button.
    The Office Button
  2. Click Word Options.
    The Word Options button
  3. On the navigation menu, select Resources.
  4. Click About.
  5. When finished with the About Microsoft Office Word window, click OK. (You can also access System and Technical Support information from this window.)

While you are in the Resources area, look around! You will find other familiar faces from the old Help Menu there, such as links to Office Update, Word diagnostics, Microsoft Office online, and Activate Microsoft Office.

If you are looking for the Word 2007 help files, please see Accessing the Word 2007 Help System.