Insert an Object into a Protected Word Document

I have a document that was created using tables and inserting legacy forms, specifically text form fields for the end user to fill out. I set specific requirements for each text form field to limit the length of each response. I then protected the document to make it more like a form for users to fill out without editing the overall appearance. The problem occurs when I get to a section for special Instructions where the end user may attach a file to the form. When I have the document protected it won’t let the user insert an object into the document. How can I allow the end user to insert an object (file) to the form while it is protected?

I have the file protected by going to the Developer tab, selecting Protect Document, un-checking Limit formatting to a selection of styles, checking Allow only this type of editing in the document: Filling in Forms.

I have tried to insert other legacy fields into the table cell where I want the end user to insert the object but none of them have worked.

Any suggestions will be greatly welcomed and thank you for your time!

Submitted by Jennifer R. from San Antonio, TX

ANSWER: I have to admit I was a bit stumped by this problem. Kudos go out out an anonymous visitor who submitted the following solution (thanks, whoever you are!):

We handle this by using multiple sections in our templates/documents. The sections with fields and text that should not be changed are protected. The sections where others may change/add information are unprotected.

When you protect the document go to Editing Restrictions, click on ‘allow only this type of editing in the document, select Filling in forms.

Then click on ‘select sections…’ just below. By default all sections are ticked. Untick the sections you want unprotected.

If you have other solutions or suggestions for inserting objects into protected Microsoft Word forms, please add them to the comments below. Thanks!