Microsoft Word Calendar Tutorial – Create Your Own Calendar!

Keep up with important dates and appointments with a Microsoft Word calendar you create yourself using free templates.

Grandparents and out-of-town relatives love receiving hand-made calendars with birth dates and anniversaries highlighted.

Don’t forget to include photos of family members, pets, children’s school photos, or vacation snapshots!

How to create a Microsoft Word calendar

Note: Are you a user of a previous version? You can still use the Calendar Wizard if you prefer.

What you need to complete this tutorial:

  • Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010
  • Heavy (minimum 32 lb.) printer paper such as Hewlett-Packard Presentation paper or HammerMill Laser Gloss paper
  • Laser or inkjet printer

We start with a basic calendar, then in part two, I’ll show you how to personalize it by adding color and photos.

Open Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010, then follow these steps:

  1. In Word 2007, click the Office button, or in Word 2010, click the File tab.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the template list, click Calendars.
  4. Click 2013 Calendars or for what year you need. Note: Some calendars in the year sections work for any year.
    Selecting the basic calendar
  5. Select a calendar from the list. (Calendar templates for the new year are usually added in January, so check back often if you do not like the current selection of available templates.)
  6. Click Download. If a message appears asking for permission to authenticate your copy of Microsoft Word, click Yes.
  7. Press Ctrl+S to save.

You now have a basic document that is ready to print, or if you want something fancier, add photos and color to your Word calendar.

Printing and binding your Microsoft Word calendar

To print your calendar, press Ctrl+P. If you own a duplex printer, set it to only print on one side of the page.

Make sure to use a heavy paper (at least 32 lb.) so your calendar is more durable.

If you plan to use your calendar throughout the year or you personalized one for a gift, consider getting it professionally bound. A spiral coil binding is very durable and only costs a few dollars at your local print shop. This type of binding comes in a variety of colors and allows you to flip the pages on your calendar or lay it open flat.

Are you short on time? Most print shops allow you to email a Microsoft Word document to them. They will print and bind the document, then you can pick it up when it is finished. Or use an online service such as PsPrint.

Do you want something fancier than basic black?

Go to Part 2: Add Color and Images to your Word Calendar