Microsoft Word Clipart Moves Text

I am creating a newsletter and want to add a small clipart graphic next to some of the lines. But when I add the clipart at the end of the sentence, it makes the next line move down. Now the line spacing is all messed up.

How do I keep the graphics from moving my text?

Submitted by Sheri from Texas


When you insert clipart from the Microsoft Clipart Gallery, text wrapping is usually set to Inline With Text. This setting prevents the graphic from overlapping your text.

The problem is, if the clipart image is too big to fit within the line-height, it bumps the next line down to make room. This can cause a very messy page layout!

Here is a quick way to solve the problem:

  1. Click the image to highlight it.
  2. In the ribbon, under the colored Picture Tools tab, select Format. (This tab only appears if you have the image highlighted.)
  3. In the Arrange group, click Text
  4. Select a text wrapping option. (I usually choose Through, then change it later, if needed.)
    Text wrapping menu

Do you want a shortcut to the Text Wrapping menu? Highlight the image, then right-mouse-click. Highlight Text Wrapping, then select the wrapping option you prefer. For Advanced Options, select More Layout Options from the menu.

Now you can move your graphic anywhere you please! Your clipart can overlap text, whitespace, or other graphics, if needed.

By the way, this works with any type of graphic, not just Microsoft Word clipart.