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Microsoft Word Downloads

Microsoft Word downloads keep your software running smoothly, protect you from security problems, and add functionality.

To keep your copy of Word up-to-date, here you can find Word 2007:Dog wearing sunglasses with laptop

To avoid problems and error messages, make sure you follow the download and installation directions carefully. It is usually a good idea to update your computer with the latest security patches before installing new software.

When downloading Microsoft updates, go directly to Do not download patches and security updates from email messages or pop-ups that display on websites (they might contain viruses or spyware).

Download Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 is now available at the Microsoft Store: Buy Microsoft Office 2010 or Word 2010 directly from Microsoft. Get an instant download, order the DVD, or get both for just a small additional charge.

Get a Microsoft Word Free Download: Everything you need to know to download and install the Microsoft Word 2010 free trial! Links, minimum system requirements, installation help and's all here.

Microsoft Word Update

Microsoft Word Update: Keep Word 2007 running smoothly by downloading Microsoft Word updates.

Office 2007 Service Pack 2: Service Pack 2 for Office 2007 has been released. You can download the service pack by running Windows update.

Microsoft Word Add-in Software

There is a variety of Word add-in software that you can install to give you greater functionality in Word 2007 and other Microsoft Office programs. As I run across interesting items, I'll include them in this list!

Word 2007 Add-ins:

Word to PDF Converter: Want to turn your Word 2007 documents into PDF files? You can do it with the free Word to PDF converter add-in.

Microsoft Word Add-in for Creative Commons Licensing: Do you publish documents using Creative Commons licensing? If so, download the Word add-in for Creative Commons licensing.

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