Microsoft Word Update

Running Word update is as important as keeping your car tuned up.
Running Word update is as important as keeping your car tuned up.

To keep Word 2007 operating smoothly, regularly run Microsoft Word update.

Critical updates usually include security patches and bug fixes for Microsoft Word, so it is important to check for them often.

Because Word is part of Office 2007, Word patches are included in Microsoft Office updates.

You can get security updates for Microsoft Office either by turning on Windows automatic update, or by manually downloading the update.

If Automatic Update is turned on, your computer will automatically download and install the Microsoft Word update for you…you won’t have to remember to do it yourself every month.

Tech Note: Automatic Update downloads patches for the Microsoft Office programs you have installed, even components of some earlier versions of Office. You must have genuine Microsoft software installed to be eligible for automatic security updates.

Because it sometimes causes slow performance, some users prefer to turn off automatic security updates, then download and install Microsoft Office updates at their own convenience.

Caution: Turning off Automatic Update prevents all Microsoft security updates from downloading and installing. This may put your computer at risk. Microsoft highly recommends that you leave Automatic Update turned on.

If you turn off automatic update, make sure you manually download Microsoft Office Updates on a regular schedule.

How to manually download Microsoft Word Update

If you do not want automatic security updates for Microsoft Office, you can manually update your software through the Word Options tool. You should manually update each month, preferably within a few days of “Patch Tuesday” (2nd Tuesday of the month).

To manually update Microsoft Office, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your internet connection is active.
  2. Click the Office Button.
    The Office Button
  3. Click Word Options.
    The Word Options button
  4. On the left navigation menu, select Resources.
  5. Click Check for Updates.
  6. An Internet Explorer browser window will open and load the Microsoft Office online update page.
  7. Click Express to receive all critical updates, or Custom to choose from a directory of optional and high-priority updates.
  8. Always carefully follow the instructions for installing updates and restarting your computer.

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