Modify MS Word 2007 Clipart

I would like to know how to modify clipart using MS Word 2007? In the past I was able to change the colors, modify and delete lines, etc. It was easy to do using Word 2003, but I have not been able to figure out any way to do these things using 2007. (My new computer has the Windows 7 operating system. Does that factor in?)

I know there must be a way to make these changes using Windows 7 and MS Word 2007. Please help me! Thanks, Sue.


In Word 2007, the tools for altering clipart images are located on the Picture Tools Format tab. This is a contextual tab that only appears when you have the clipart image selected.

How to find the Picture Tools

To find the editing tools, click the image. A red colored tab labeled Picture Tools appears. Click Format directly below the red tab.

  • To change the colors, select Recolor in the Adjust group.
  • To add and format borders, select Picture Border in the Picture Styles group. (You should also experiment with the Picture Shape and Picture Effects settings!)
  • Select a pre-formatted border in the Picture Adjust group. Hover over each effect to see a live preview of the formatting applied to your clipart.

Once you know where to find the tools 😉 there are lots of fun things you can do with the free clipart images included in Office 2007. Experiment!

One more thing, you can use these tools on any image you import into Microsoft Word, not just the free clipart images.


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Editing Clipart
by: Anonymous

This is not the same feature that we once had in the earlier versions of MS – What you just described was the ability to change the entire picture color – before we could ungroup the pictures and just change the color of ONE section as appose to changing the entire picture. It looks like we dont have that capability anymore – grrrrr!!!!

Ungroup Clipart for Editing
by: Sue

You can still ungroup and edit individual areas of the clipart image:

In Word 2007:

1. Right-click the clipart image.

2. Click Edit Picture. The clipart image breaks apart for editing.

In Word 2010:

1. Right-click the clipart image.

2. Select Grouping > Ungroup.

3. When the dialog opens, “This is an imported picture, not a group. Do you want to convert it to a Microsoft Office drawing object?” click Yes.

Now you can edit individual parts of the image just like in previous versions of Microsoft Word.

Ungroup Clipart for Editing
by: Anonymous… but the option to Ungroup is not available now!

Corrected Instructions
by: Sue

I corrected the instructions in my previous comment to differentiate between Word 2007 and 2010. The steps are different.