Modifying and Saving Clip Art as JPG

I am trying to modify a piece of clip art-a mouse- by adding a circular figure over the mouse’s chest. The current mouse has an M on the chest that I don’t want.

super mouse
home button

After combining the two clip arts I need a usable JPEG image to use for my website etc…My problem is I can get it to look the way I want in Publisher but it will not copy and paste that way anywhere else -it just goes back to the original image without the circle added on.

I am lost-can you help?

Submitted by Deb Albritton from Goose Creek, SC, USA


Even though this does not apply directly to Microsoft Word, I will answer it because I know I often create images I want to use in Word documents using either Publisher or PowerPoint, and I’m sure other users do, too. I do this because you cannot create an image in Word then save it as a picture. So this is a suitable work-around.

What you do not want to do is copy and paste images from one Microsoft Office program to another. The proper way to insert images is to use Insert tab > Picture. The problem is, the image you created is not a picture (yet).

Working in Publisher, the first thing you need to do is group the image. Drag the cursor around the mouse so both images are selected, then press Ctrl+Shift+G, or click the Grouping icon that appears when you select multiple images.

Publisher 2007 allows you to save your image as a picture in .gif, .jpg., .png, .tif, .wmf, or .bmp format. Right-click the image, select Save as Picture, then choose the appropriate format from the list.

Be sure to save the image in the correct resolution for the type of document you are creating. If the image will be used in a web page, select 96 dpi. If it will be used in a Microsoft Word document, save the image as 150 dpi, or for high-quality printing select 300 dpi.

Now you can insert the image you created into a Word or any other Office document using Insert tab > Picture.