The Office 2007 Ribbon

The key to becoming proficient with Microsoft Word 2007 is to master using the Office 2007 ribbon. This five-part tutorial helps you get started.

The Word 2007 Ribbon
The Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon: the new Office Fluent User Interface presents a challenge for users of previous versions.

What is the Ribbon?

If you used a previous version of Word, you may feel overwhelmed when open Word 2007 for the first time. Menus and toolbars you used for years have vanished! In their place is one big toolbar called the Ribbon.

Tip: you can hide the ribbon if it takes up too much of your screen or it is distracting you while you work.

The ribbon is a visual tool, not a text-based menu system. Similar tasks are grouped together under tabs. Commands are no longer buried in menus and submenus. Just click a tab to find the one you need!

For instance, the Page Layout tab contains tools to set up your page: themes, margins, page orientation, backgrounds, cover pages, paragraph spacing, image layout options, text wrapping, and more.

The Page Layout tab on the Ribbon
The Page Layout tab on the ribbon

By the time you finish this tutorial series, you should have a good understanding of the interface and be able to work faster than with the old menu system.

About the Ribbon tutorial series

To help you get started using the Office 2007 ribbon, I created this series that covers recognizing the parts of the ribbon, how to use it, what customization options are available, and troubleshooting tips.

If you are new to Office 2007, I suggest you start with this page and follow the series in order.

Tools You Need

You need two things to work through this series: a copy of Word 2007 and a practice file.

How to Get Microsoft Word

There are two ways to get a copy of Microsoft Word:

Note: As of 1/21/2015, copies of Microsoft Office 2007 are still available on However, I recommend you purchase the newest version instead of buying outdated software. You find instant download links for buying Microsoft Office right here at

How to Create a Practice File

It’s easy to create a practice file in Word 2007:

  1. Open Word to create a new, blank document
  2. Type the following code exactly: =rand(9,3)
  3. Press CTRL + S to save

If you have your software and your file, let’s discover the secrets of the ribbon!

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