Microsoft Office Theme Basics

An Office theme is a set of fonts, colors, and effects for an individual Word document.

Themes save you hours of work formatting and reformatting documents.

It only takes a few clicks to change the default theme, helping you create visually appealing documents without wondering how to match color or font sets.

Using Microsoft Office themes

There are 20 built-in themes, but you can browse for more from Microsoft Office Online.

  • Theme fonts: each theme contains two default fonts, one for headings and one for the body of the document.
    Theme fonts dialog
    If the text is marked as Body or Heading, you can easily change the fonts throughout the entire document by changing the theme font.
  • Theme colors: Office 2007 includes 20 pre-made color sets, plus Grayscale.
    Color pallet for built-in themes
    Themes control the colors for fonts, backgrounds, hyperlinks, charts, and SmartArt. You can also create your own color sets.
  • Theme effects: graphic objects such as charts and SmartArt are controlled by the effects settings.
    built-in theme effects
    Changing the effect changes the appearance such as drop shadows, beveled edges, and textures.

To save time formatting your Microsoft Office documents, select a theme that contains the settings you use most often.


Change the Default Word 2007 Theme

To select a new default theme, follow these steps:

  1. On the ribbon, click the Page Layout tab.
  2. Click Themes.
  3. Hover over a theme name to see a quick preview of how the new theme will change your document.
  4. Click the theme name to apply it.

You can change the theme at any time, or override the Office theme settings using styles.

Working faster with Office themes

Another bonus with themes is that they are duplicated across the Microsoft Office 2007 suite. This is a great time saver! It’s easy to create matching documents. For instance, if you create a PowerPoint slide show using the Apex theme, you can create a matching handout in Microsoft Word by using the same theme.