Page Margin Measurement Settings

My page margin measurement settings are now showing in ‘points’ instead of ‘inches’. For example, I used to be able to set 1.0″ or 1.5″ margins.

Now all the options are showing as points..”72 pt” etc. Not sure what I did to change this. Can you help?

Submitted by Tara


The setting for units of measure is located on the Word Options menu in Microsoft Word 2007. Changing the measurement setting changes the margin and ruler measurements for all Word documents, not just the open document.

To change the measurement back to inches, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Office Button, then Word Options. If you are using Microsoft Word 2010, click the File tab, then select Options.
    Word Options button
  2. On the Advanced tab, find the section labeled Display.
  3. Under Show measurements in units of, select Inches from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click OK.

That will set the page margin and ruler measurements back to inches. Can’t see the ruler? To display it, click the View tab, then select Ruler.

Just for Fun! 72 points = 1 inch = 6 picas.


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Thank You
by: Tara

Thank you so much!! I looked all over for that-even in ‘help’.

You are a LIFESAVER!
by: Lynda from NC

I was frantic when I couldn’t find a plausible solution anywhere I searched. My Word 2007 documents were in pts and I couldn’t find a solution to reset to inches.

Thankfully I kept at it and found your website. Your answer was clear and concise, and fixed my problem immediately. Microsoft should be employing you, as that website was WORTHLESS.

Glad to Help
by: Sue

Thanks for your feedback, Tara and Lynda. I am glad the information was a help to you!