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Your Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks

Share YOUR Microsoft Word tips with other visitors to this site!

Woman at keyboard saying “Wow!”Have you figured out a cool shortcut, workaround, or crafty project?

Then share it here!

Your tip will be posted on your very own page. So show off! Feel free to add your name and location, too.

Do you want to discover new tips and tricks? Then browse the list to see if someone has posted a great idea you can use.

Tip Guidelines

When submitting your tip, please follow these guidelines:

  • Tips must be in English.
  • Don't "borrow" someone else's content to post. Please submit your own ideas.
  • Include what version(s) of Word the tip works in: 97-2003, 2007, 2010, or any.
  • You can submit up to four images with your tip...screenshots, photos, or graphics. Get creative!
  • When writing your instructions, don't skip any steps. Test to make sure your instructions work as written.

All submissions are approved before they are posted. Submissions I can't understand will be deleted, so please check for spelling/grammar errors and test your instructions before submitting. =)

Feel free to comment and rate other submissions. Comments are posted immediately, but are reviewed within 24-hours. (Inappropriate comments are deleted.)

How to Find a Tip

Search the list at the bottom of this page to find a specific topic. Or to search the entire site, use the Google search box located at the top of the right-hand column.

Bookmark this page (Ctrl + D) and check back often!

Share Your Favorite Microsoft Word Tips!

Do you have a cool tip that you discovered? Share it and help others work faster and smarter.

Submit your TIP using this easy form. You can include two graphics with your submission.

What Other Word Tips Visitors Have Shared

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Did you know you can split the display window horizontally so that you can view and work on two separate parts of a Microsoft Word document at the same ...

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